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How To Make Virgin Hair Curly ?

So you want to know how to make virgin hair curly? If you have ever seen a curly hair doll, you may well have asked yourself "how on earth do those girls do that?". It is no longer the domain of the pixie or the princess, thanks in part to some really cool new products on the market. Nowadays anyone with a bit of hair skill can create their own virgin hair style, and it looks amazing!


The first step in making your virgin hair curly is to get your hands on some good quality virgin hair. To do this you need to either visit your local hairdresser who will have a few different types for you to choose from or you can head online to search for hair types. In most cases you can get your virgin hair from a salon, but if you have any special needs you may also be able to purchase hair at a store such as a supermarket. It's always best to do a bit of research before you buy your hair however. Most salons will be happy to recommend a specific brand of hair curling iron. In fact many of them now have a dedicated section for Virgin Hair.


After you have purchased your new hair you will need to take the time to treat it properly, especially if you are using a straightening iron. Most curling irons on the market today will give you the opportunity to not only treat your virgin hair but to heat it up as well. This is great news as heating virgin hair can leave it dry and damaged.


To begin the process of how to make your hair curly simply apply a generous amount of heat protecting spray. You should apply it to both the ends of each strand and then wrap it around the comb on one side. Next gently pull your strands backward until you form a natural arch on the ends. Don't be surprised if the arch looks a little strange, in fact you are trying to replicate natural movement. Do this for about 5 minutes and then gently comb through your hair.


If your strands seem to get stuck in your curling iron when you are taking a break, you may need to use some additional lubricant. Virgin hair is very tough and can take a lot of abuse, so make sure that you know what you are doing before attempting to use your curling irons on it. Many people will use hair care products on their hair to help it stay smooth and shiny, however you must know which ones work and which ones won't damage your virgin strands.


Finally when you have completed your conditioning treatment put your curling iron away. Use a towel to gently pat your hair until you are able to untangle it. Always rinse your hair thoroughly when you are finished applying any conditioner or lubricant, don't leave it in your hair longer than necessary. When you have properly conditioned your hair with all the above tips, you should be ready to start curling your own hair.