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How to install flawless transparent lace closure

Transparent lace closure as a new arrival in splendor continuously hair legitimate mall, it receives greater and extra subject by means of the customers. Today meirhair hair vendors will introduce how to installation obvious lace closure flawlessly.


Transparent lace closure as a new arrival in splendor always hair authentic mall, it receives extra and extra situation by using the customers. Today we will introduce how to deploy obvious lace closure flawlessly.


Somebody name it HD lace closure, they are the equal closure, how to installation it? If you are suitable at stitching in hair weaves, you can do it at home, if not, you’d better discover a expert hairdresser to do it.


Firstly, choose up the obvious lace closure you order, and put it on the proper location you prefer to fix. Then you have to use some clips to make the lace closure steady on your head. Usually, clients like to buy free phase closure which can divide into any section you like. Because wig wholesale the colour of lace is transparent, you are now not afraid the shade doesn’t healthy with your skin. If you choose the colour is the equal as your skin, you can use some beauty to regulate it.

HD lace

Secondly, use a needle with cotton thread sew the aspect of the lace on your braids line on your head, it is clear that you won’t make mistakes. You can sew on area of it, then after you completed one part, you can do any other part. Please don’t sew the brow which will make the hair very natural. Meanwhile, don’t so tighten, it will make you sense now not comfortable. Make positive the line stays down and performs all the way from the pinnacle till ample shut to the returned of the closure. To make the knots below the closure and you can twist your arm that the needle thru there and you can pull which in essence thread to make a knot barring the needle being on it to make it greater impenetrable and greater dependable doing the identical element to the different side. But you have to practice some pressure to the closure to make the closure lay flat on your head. The closure won’t buckle up in the middle. After stitching all the two sides, you must pass your focal point in the direction of the returned of the closure. When overlapping you tie a knot to tightly closed the sew and you can choose up with the contrary path you beforehand got here from and this is acknowledged as backstitching. That’s essentially what we’re doing to our closure we’re taking a backstitch.


Once your closure is sewn down there nevertheless extra to do regulate your closure. To make certain the hairline is natural, you can pluck a few hairs no longer necessary. Some clients idea the thicker the better, definitely not, to make your wig greater natural, you must pluck some hair. If there nevertheless some messy meirhair, you can trim it to make your closure neat and clean.


At last, you can reduce the lace which now not necessary, please make certain protected and trim it in a appropriate shape. Then you can use some glue to stick it. You can additionally make some infant hair which makes your wig appears actual and natural.


We hope you can experience this and get help, if you have any questions, you can go away messages or feedback to us.